PARTNER-SHIP POLAND: metalworking, ship equipment

We provide: lathing works, milling works, cutting the teeth of wheels, threading, cutting the worm and warm wheels, chiseling grooves, milling splined, drilling works, borer works, grinding works, cylinder liner hohning, crankshaft grinding, connecting rods, pistons and cylinder heads regenerating, complete overhaulings of marine engines, reproducing of spare parts, ship equipment manufacturing, harbour equipment manufacturing, construction equipment manufacturing, and many other services connected to metalworking and steel construction.

2015.09.05 - BALTEXPO 2015
As an active member of WESTPOMERANIAN MARITIME CLUSTER the PARTNER-SHIP company invite you to Gdansk on common stand on BALTEXPO on 7-9 September 2015 in the hall of AMBEREXPO.
BALTEXPO is the biggest and most renowned maritime exhibition in Poland. It covers the shipbuilding industry, offshore, port and terminal facilities, maritime transport and logistics, safety and security of ports and shipping, environment protection.
It appreciates the fact that maritime business relationships are backened by the numerous economy sectors and constitutes a forum for business talks and meetings for a variety of industries and international trade stakeholders.
The dynamic development of the Polish maritime industry allows for a new quality of cooperation between Polish & foreign maritime economy stakeholders.
Due to the change of the PARTNER-SHIP trademark we have graphically modified  our website.
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