The main area of the market which we serve is the maritime industry. Hence, the main type of clients are companies involved in the wide ranging shipping. This is due to the well-equipped machinery park, the technical capabilities allow the machining of large size, and the invaluable experience workshop staff and managers in the performance of services for the marine industry. We have remade in our career a lot of components and spare parts, renovate multiple devices, designed many technical solutions, and made out of lots of the difficult issues related to the vessels. Therefore, we have become leaders in the metal working industry for shipbuilding.

Some elements, spare parts, machinery and equipment and repairs are done on the basis of accumulated over the years, and provided by clients documentation, some of them from supplied for us with new and used models, but the main advantage is built upon many years of invaluable experience and training of our staff.

We work in close harmony with the sea-going vessels and inland ships, we know the value of the execution time. It is our very strong side, and consequently, the maritime service are our top priority.

Our advantages are: relatively short time performance, relatively low price, and high quality services.


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