We design, manufacture, regenerate, repair and reconstruct parts of lifting equipment, it means cargo movement machinery, used to move heavy objects over short distances, intermittently moving. These include devices such as cranes, overhead cranes, hoists, stacker cranes, etc.

We create designs, manufacture and renovating elements such as wheels, pulleys, drive mechanisms, cars driving mechanisms, rotation mechanism components, reach change mechanism, winding drums, anchor winches, mooring winches, hoists, blocks, grabs, cranes, etc. New elements are made on the basis of the documentation provided by the customer, or created by our team of engineers based on the used components.

Regenerate all mobile connections by operations such as welding, lathing, milling, grinding, turning holes, making bolts, bushing bores and shafts, pressing by press, fit cones, and many other operations.

On customers request, new and regenerated components we can paint, zinc, chrome plate and heat or chemical improve.


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