We design, manufacture, regenerate, and reconstruct parts of construction machinery, such as earth-moving machinery (excavators, backhoe loaders, loaders), machines for flat bucket digging (bulldozers, scrapers, graders, digging), soil compaction machines (soil compactors, compactors), road workers (asphalt pavers, ground stabilizers, asphalt milling machines), equipment for hydromechanization and drainage (dredges, pumps, drilling rigs, thickening the pulp and separators ore), equipment for piling works (casing pipes, hammers pile drivers, pile drivers extractor, warps, pile drivers, pile drivers, sets piling), aggregate processing machinery (crushers, mills), machines for the production and transport of the concrete (concrete plants, concrete mixers, storage of aggregates, transport mixed concrete, machines for compacting concrete vibrators for concrete) work machinery reinforcement (bending), machine handling (conveyors, conveyor loaders, cranes), mechanized tools, auxiliary equipment (generators, compressor units, heating units, racks, formwork), etc.

We create designs, manufacture and repair, among others, items such as blades, excavator buckets, bulldozer buckets, loader buckets, joints, bolts, drive mechanisms, cars driving mechanisms, rotating components, change reach mechanisms, winding drums, winches, blocks, grabs, cranes, etc. New features are made on the basis of documentation provided by the customer, or created by our team of engineers based on the used components.

Regenerate all mobile connections by operations such as welding, lathing, milling, grinding, turning holes, making bolts, bushing bores and shafts, pressing by press, fit cones, and many other operations.

On customers request, new and regenerated components we can paint, zinc, chrome plate and heat or chemical improve.


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