Due to the fact that we have quite a lot of experience in the marine industry and a wide range of customers in a broad sense shipping, in our career we have manufactured a lot of parts for ships. Consequently, certain products has become our solid product.

Production elements are made on the basis of documentation prepared by our designers, or supplied by the customer. When we are designing these products we are following of our and customers experience, and as well as the global standards.

Parts of vessels included in the basic scope of the PARTNER-SHIP product range, can be mounted on board of any type of ocean going ships and inland waterway. These include, among others.:

  • Merchant vessels:
    • General Cargo Ship
    • Container Ship
    • Bulk Carrier
    • Tanker
    • Chemical tanker
    • Reefer
    • Car carrier
    • Train ferry
    • Barge
  • Passenger ships:
    • Ferry
    • Pleasure boat
    • Liner
  • Fishing vessels:
    • Fishing boat
    • Trawler
    • Luger
    • Lugrotrawler
    • Database fishing
  • Auxiliary vessels:
    • AHTS
    • Tug
    • Lighter
    • Icebreaker
    • Pusher
    • Lightship
    • Ship for transporting bulky
    • Semi-submersible vessel
    • Seismic ship
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