The cluster arise basis are cooperative connections occuring between entities, generating specific knowledge and increasing adapting capabilities processes. These entities are simultaneously cooperate and compete with each other, also owning relations with other institiutions operating in that area.
Our company is part of Polish Chamber of Maritime Commerce, Polish Maritime Cluster, Maritime Cluster of Western Pomerania, Lubuski Metal Cluster, Western Pomerania Maritime Cluster.

Profits of associations membreship are primarly:

  • Elite partners group Cluster membership.
  • Common Clutster Partners promotion in media, internet, during fair and exhibition events and also at conferentions and seminars.
  • Own experience, technology and good practices presentation during projects organised by the Cluster.
  • Cooperation at various levels with Cluster entities.
  • Cooperation with schools, universities and reaserch units being members to Cluster opportunities.
  • Resources combining and common orders realization by Cluster Partners.
  • Cooperation with other Cluster entities in terms of stuff development for growing sea and metal trade opportunity.
  • Opinion and experience exchange with other trade etitites, local goverment units, schools and universities.
  • Projects initiated in Cluster participation eg. by trainings, study trips, seminars and conferations organization.
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