drukuj PARTNER-SHIP: metalworking, steel structures

Except the business activity, our company engages in the promotion of vocational education. We are a partner of the Western Pomerania Maritime and Technical Educational Centre in Szczecin. The main goal of this cooperation is the recruitment and education of new employees. The company would like to positively affect the education system changes, giving young people the opportunity of employing the knowledge acquired at school. PARTNER-SHIP actively participates in school life. We organise apprenticeships for the students of the Western Pomerania Maritime and Technical Educational Centre. Our company also takes an active part in the activities of trade organisations.

PARTNER-SHIP: metalworking, steel structures

PARTNER-SHIP is a member of the Polish Chamber of Maritime Commerce, Polish Maritime Cluster, Maritime Cluster of Western Pomerania, Lubuski Metal Cluster, Western Pomerania Maritime Cluster. The benefits of the membership in the cooperation network, inter alia: access to the information regarding market development, innovative technologies, experience exchange of experiences and complementarity of resources, as well as of demands for personnel. The fundamental advantage of the membership in the cluster is the possibility of using partners' skills and experience possibility. Thanks to these organizations today we're able to organize apprenticeships in a substantial number of companies. Some of our apprentices, are our employees today.

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