drukuj PARTNER-SHIP: metalworking, steel structures

The combination of our machinery park and optimally selected technology, guarantees the highest quality products and services in both the piece production and series production. Our company has got machinery park consisting of just under 100 machines for machining, with full instrumentation and well-equipped tool warehouse. The workshop largely consists of conventional machines, but we also have numerically controlled machines (CNC). The wide range of possibilities is owed to such machines as: lathes, milling machines, boring machines, shaft grinding machines, surface grinders, tool grinders, slotting machines, hobbing machines, planing machines, presses, cutters, saws, drills, threaders and honing machines. We also have a material warehouse, quality control department, finished product warehouse, employee lounges and offices, cargo handling equipment as well as our own means of transport. All of the above is located in a facility of the total area equal to 2000m2

Types of work that we are able to perform using our facilities:

PARTNER-SHIP: metalworking, steel structures

WORKS ON SLOTTING MACHINES: Slotting keyway of the length up to 200mm, slotting internal teeth on the ring, slotting in complex shapes.

WORKS ON PLANERS: Planing up to the length of 500mm.

WORKS ON MILLING MACHINES: Milling on horizontal and vertical milling machines of large dimension elements with work space of 1200x400x300mm. Drilling of holes on a dividing head with a pitch diameter up to Ø1800mm.

WORKS ON HOBBING MACHINES: Cutting straight and oblique teeth on circles and rings, cutting worm wheels with an outside diameter of up to Ø400mm, using modular milling cutters from M-1 to M-8 and with an outside diameter of up to Ø2000mm, using modular milling cutters from M-4 to M-20.

PARTNER-SHIP: metalworking, steel structures

WORKS ON BAND SAWS: Cutting rollers, pipes, flat bars, angles and other elements at different angles with a cross section not exceeding 470x400mm.

WORKS ON SURFACE GRINDERS: Grinding of surfaces of 1000x280mm on magnetic table. Grinded element may not exceed 220mm in height.

WORKS ON ROLLER GRINDERS: Grinding of rollers and pipes up to Ø=260mm wide and 1200mm long and grinding of cones.

WORKS ON TOOL GRINDERS: Sharpening of tools such as modular milling cutters, spindle milling cutters, circular milling cutters, cylindrical milling cutters, plain milling cutters, slotting milling cutters, drills, sharpening of milling heads, taps, tapered reamers, countersinks, broaches and other cutting tools.

PARTNER-SHIP: metalworking, steel structures

WORKS ON LATHES: Turning internal and external surfaces of objects in the form of solids of revolution such as shafts, pipes, tubes, regular and trapezoidal threading of large dimensions, modular M- to M-24 worms, regeneration of shafts and holes through an addition of bushing. The maximum outer diameter of machined element is 1250mm, maximum length of machined element is 4000mm, maximum workspace over cross slide is 600mm, maximum steady rest Ø650mm.

WORKS ON DRILLING-MILLING MACHINES: Face milling, drilling and boring of holes, turning of external shafts and pipes. The surface of the working table is 2000x2000mm, working height 1800mm, table capacity 5000kg.

WORKS ON DRILLING MACHINES: Drilling of steel constructions on radial drilling machines and table drilling machines.

WORKS ON GUILLOTINES: Cutting of metal sheets up to the width of 2mm and the width of 1000mm.

PARTNER-SHIP: metalworking, steel structures

WORKS ON PRESSES: Pressing, pushing, crushing, and squeezing components up to the height of 1300mm and up to the width of 1500mm. Pressure 150t.

WORKS ON CUTTERS: Cutting shapes from metal sheets - maximum sheet thickness depends on the accuracy of the cut and the size of the part.

ASSEMBLY AND DISMANTLING: Assembling and disassembling of equipment, parts and components in the workshop and at the clients’ facility.

WELDING: Welding with electrodes, wire welding with gas shielding and burner firing. Manufacture of steel structures.

WORKS REQUIRING HONING MACHINE: Honing of cylinders and cylinder liners with a diameter ranging from 200mm to 600mm long.

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