A variety of machines and staff versatility give us wide ranging capabilities. Thanks to that we are able to meet the needs of our customers from many different industrial sectors. A vast majority of our personnel comes from the sea sector, because of that we have directed our actions to shipbuilding and harbour industry. We all realize that in this industry what really matters is the time and quality of services. That's why in the remaining industry sectors operated by us we try to put emphasis on the same values. But we still keep in mind the importance of keeping a reasonable price level.

Typical works performed by PARTNER-SHIP for the shipbuilding industry include manufacturing of new elements and regeneration of used elements such as: bolts, rollers, handles, hinges, hold closing hatches, roller fairleads, wedge closings, screw closings, hatches, winches, rope drums, gangways, anchor winches, anchor-mooring winches, gears, worm gears, shafts, rudders, screws, pistons, connecting rods, cylinder heads, pneumatic and hydraulic manifolds, actuators, and other elements made of metal and plastic.

For harbour industry we make a lot of new and we regenerate old elements such as: transport baskets, traverses, carriages for forklift trucks, rolltrailers, bolts, rolls, cable drums, gears, worm gears, conveyors, shafts, cylinders, grippers, bale grippers for bulk cargo, grapples for scrap, buckets for excavators and other elements made of metal and plastic.

Construction industry is growing rapidly and has a very wide range of different construction equipment types, whichconstantly suffers from wear. That's why, for our customers from this sector we make a lot of new and we regenerate used elements for the equipment such as: excavators, backhoe loaders, spoon loaders, bulldozers, scrapers, graders, scarifiers, rollers, compactors, power rammers, asphalt pavers, soil stabilizers, milling asphalt machines, dredging, pumps, drilling rigs, drills, pulp thickeners and separators of excavated material, casing pipes, hammer pile drivers, extractor pile drivers, warps, pile drivers, piling sets, cavity machines, crushers, mills, sorters, concrete plants, concrete mixers, dump aggregates, ready-mixed concrete transport vehicles, machines for compacting concrete, concrete vibrators, bending machines, conveyors, wheel conveyors, cranes, generators, compressor units, chillers, heaters, racks, formwork, ditch cleaning bucket, bucket wheel excavators, bulldozers, loaders, hinges, bolts, drive mechanisms, car drives, elements of rotation mechanism, reach change mechanism, winding reels, winches, manifolds, grippers, HDS’s, and other elements made of metal and plastic.

We also realize orders for power engineering industry, petroleum industry, military industry, mining industry, railway industry, and the rest of the machining industry. In every industrial sector there is crane equipment, i.e. transport machines dedicated for handling heavy object` at short distances intermittently. These include such devices as: cranes, overhead cranes, hoists, trolleys, stacker cranes, etc. Apart from them there are still a lot of other machines and devices used in all industry branches.

We regenerate any kind of moving connections by employing operations such as: welding, transfer turning, milling, grinding, boring holes, pivot execution, bushing holes and shafts, pressing or extrusion press, cone fitting, and many more other operations. We make new and recreate all kinds of mechanical transmissions based on the used ones in which drive transmission occurs via mutually meshing gears. Sometimes they are cylindrical, bevel or worm gears. In case of cylindrical gears we make single-stage and multistage gears. In case of worm gears we make single and multiple worms and worm wheels. Beside typical types of gears we make planetary gears, which comprise of a rim with an internal gear and some gears located outside of the rim driving transmission to the central shaft, and linear transmissions in which gear cooperates with a gear rack. Other types of mechanic transmissions are the ones in which transmission drive between the driving shaft and driven shaft occurs via a wrapping connector, which allows connecting driving and driven shafts that are spaced apart by a long distance. We also manufacture gear pulleys, linear gears and chain gears. They tend to be single-gear transmissions and multi-stage. Generally, these types of gear units feature pinch rollers for belt tensioning.