Every technological process requires adequate preparation. Therefore, in our company a team of project managers who run orders of individual clients, has been appointed. Our employees develop the strategy of the service from idea through concept, technical design, production preparation, quality control, up to the final finished products for the contractor.

We design combining customers ideas, shared experience, the accepted norms and principles, the availability of materials and technical capabilities. We execute orders both on the basis of the customer's design as well as on the basis of existing components - often used. In the case of parts or subassembly that is unused our staff measure the details using for this purpose a wide range of measurement tools, then creating technical design. In situations where parts or components are worn, and the actual dimensions are inadequate to the dimensions that should be the target, refer to standards, literature, and in most cases the knowledge and experience of our team. After mapping, the dimensions tolerances of the product  must also be determined, because usually they cooperate with other elements. In addition, we specify the type and grade of material from which the elements should be performed, which has a significant impact on their life in the further exploitation. In many cases, we are able to prepare a strength calculation.

The first stage of our activity is to prepare a 3D model, using the software Solidworks. The next step is to create the desired visual effect. It is necessary to create elements cooperating with each other. On this basis, we also prepare documentation executive. This action plan also contains a elements such as checking the availability of materials from suppliers, determine the technical and time capabilities for job completion by the PARTNER-SHIP, check the feasibility of the rest of the work in cooperation, and prepare their offer price-term customer. Our projects range reach both individual components such as spare parts, housings, tools, but also structural elements, components and even entire machinery and equipment.

Most of our services are done in our mechanical workshop possessing less than 100 machines for machining with a large range of technical and bulky possibilities. Our goal is a comprehensive implementation  of orders for individual customer needs, so we do not close ourselves only on our technical capabilities, but we are constantly expanding our cooperative capabilities. Often the elements we generated and regenerated are being submit for finishing which raises their quality, durability and aesthetics.

We do our best to implement the  individual orders, we make prototypes of parts, enclosures, components, machinery components and even entire machines and equipment for our customers .On the basis of the documentation entrusted by clients we perform the elements mentioned above as a unit production, small-lot or mass production. Many of entire machines and equipment, as well as complete subassemblies come to us in a state not allowing for further use. In most cases, we undertake dismantling, cleaning, verification of parts, repairs or reconstruction of parts, and reassembly. If the customer wishes, and the technological capabilities allow us to do it we make stength tests and paint the elements for the required colour.