We have, in our production offer, all types of fittings to allow movement of two elements with each other. These are usually hinges to doors, hatches, windows, ventilation louvres, and other marine equipment. We produce hinges according to generally accepted standards in the world, and as well as according to customer's design.

The standards used by us to produce the hinges is, among others:

  • DIN-83105:2002-09,
  • DIN-83406:2001-05,
  • NS-2523:1977,
  • NS-2749:1974,
  • NS-6059:1978,
  • PN-W-88043:1978P.

As standard these hinges are made of materials contained in the standards, but if the need arises we do it with other materials according to customers requirements. Depending on demand metal components can be unconserved, zink galvanized, anticorrosive painted, or cover the paint according to RAL palette by spray or powder (furnace).

Cataloged on this section hinges we try to have on stock to minimize delivery time to the ship.

In case of enquiry and order please state the exact name of the product, the materials from which they have to be performed and the type of corrosion protection.

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