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MARINE OBSERVER 67 (December 2013)

MARINE OBSERVER 67 (December 2013)


What were the beginnings of your company like?

- The PARTNER-SHIP was created in August 2004. After having finished studies at Maritime University in Szczecin I decided to start my own business, and the natural consequence of such a decision was setting up my own company. I have always wanted to work for my own and I have never imagined myself functioning in a formalized structure of an enterprise where I would have to subordinate to the decisions taken by other people, having in fact inconsiderable impact on the company’s development.

At the beginning the PARTNER-SHIP company was involved in supplying spare parts for ships…

- Such a situation resulted from the fact that my father ran a company dealing with renovations of naval power-plants, so, to some extent, next to my father’s company I started trading in spare parts and subassemblies needed on ships. With time, I gained a considerable group of clients, the company was developing, getting the shipowners’ trust, the turnovers were getting higher, yet I already knew I wanted to do something more. In 2010 I got to know that the Portowe Centralne Warsztaty Mechaniczne (PCWM) had major problems; and to call a spade a spade – it was on the verge of bankruptcy and I decided to have a closer look at that company. It turned out that the PCWM had a potential to develop, and the institution’s biggest capital were great specialists, who can do really fantastic things. I decided to take a risk, invested my own funds, additionally I took out a credit and bought the PCMW. And that’s how the new chapter in the PARTNER-SHIP’s history has started.

Looking from the perspective of a few years, do you regret your decision?

- I absolutely don’t regret anything. Every day, coming to the firm I have a feeling that I’ve taken the right decision. Frankly speaking, the trade in parts for ships did not give me full satisfaction anymore, I knew I wanted to develop, create something new, and purchasing the property became a great opportunity not only for me but also for all the workers in the company. We have shown together that there is a demand for our services and that we can propose an attractive offer on the market.

What does the PARTNER-SHIP deal with today?

- Generally speaking, we deal with metalwork and building different types of steel constructions mainly for the naval branches, but not only. We carry out works on turning lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, chiseling machines, planers, borers, spline-hobbing machines, drills and other machines used for machining. We calculate and cut straight and skew bevel gear-wheels, worms; we also make and regenerate whole transmissions, anchoring-mooring winches, naval equipment elements, machines and plants’ parts, tools, instrumentation and many more elements that I am not able to describe in a few words. The significant part of our company is designing. We realize commissions based on documentation provided by a client, but we may also design elements of various kind ourselves, and offer an optimal solution. We cooperate with many suppliers of materials; plants involved in heat and chemical treating of materials, covering steel with zinc, chromium or paint coating of different type. We also cooperate with transport companies so that the goods sent by us can reach its destination safe and on time. Such a situation allows us to offer our contractors a thorough customer service, saving their time and money.

Do you work only for the naval branch?

- Most our orders are realized for the naval branch, however, we are getting more and more commissions from other areas, such as companies working for building industry, the army, power industry or ports. Each client is equally important for us and we approach each commission with an equal engagement, regardless of the fact whether it is completing one detail for several dozen zloty or a series of products for several thousand zloty. We are aware that it is the clients who define our position on the market and it is them who in fact pay our salaries, that is why client is the most important.

That’s a very market-based approach to business…

- I have always known that the functioning of the company is not based on owning a beautiful office or a fleet of company cars. They are only bonuses, not the essence. What is the most important is the trust of the clients and good work of all the employees. That is the foundation on which a success of every company may be built. In our enterprise, there is a non-standard, as for Polish conditions, management model. As a boss and the owner I call all my workers by their first name. The door of my office are open for everyone, each employee can come and talk about both business and personal matters. I am s person who would rather eliminate barriers to create them. I would like my workers to feel comfortable in the company, to be aware that we together contribute to the firm’s success and every person is equally important. The company is the people above all, their skills, talents and the attitude to work. The machines may be easily replaced with the new ones, but the good specialists in our branch are really hard to find, and training a new worker is a long-lasting and expensive process. That is why I try to care about everyone I work with.

What do you do after work?

- Unfortunately, answering that question I will not be original, since I will answer as most entrepreneurs. Working takes me a dozen or so hours a day. I also often work at weekends. If I have some free time, I try to spend it with my wife and children. I like listening to music, go to a good rock concert from time to time. I used to go boat-racing professionally; now, mostly because of lack of the time, I don’t even sail touristically, but I promised myself that I would come back to sailing recreationally and do everything to make my children like that sport as well. Sailing forms our personality and develops characteristics essential not only in business but also in everyday life.

What can I wish to you at the end of our conversation?

- Health, persistence in developing my company and good luck for people, because it is very important not only in business. If you have wise and friendly people around you, everything becomes easier. I would also like to have more time to go to concerts, although, at this point in time the most beautiful “music” for me is the sound of the machines working, because then I know that the company has orders and together with the employees we may quite safely think about the future.

On the occasion of the forthcoming Christmas and the New Year
To all my hitherto as well as future contractors and all the people we work with for the common success
I wish Christmas to be family, warm, healthy and cheerful
And the New Year 2014 even better that all the previous years

Krzysztof Ozygała
president of the PARTNER-SHIP company

MARINE OBSERVER 67 (December 2013)
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