The CW115 counter wrench to block nuts while tightening the screws.

This counter wrench is an economic, simple and safe solution to block a loose nut or bolt. The device absorbs torque when screwing bolts and nuts.

In order to assembly the ring spanner adapter it is necessary to unscrew the hexagon socket head bolt, next put the ring spanner adapter with a hole onto the upper part of the device until it encounters resistance, and eventually block the ring spanner adapter in a proper position by screwing the hexagon socket head bolt tight.

In order to fix the device on a bolt or a nut the ring spanner adapter must be placed on a bolt/nut and it is necessary to make sure that the reaction arm is directed towards the sense of rotation. Next, the counter wrench’s arm must be leant against in such a way that the device does not rotate while tightening up/unscrewing.

While the device is on the release lever must not be pressed as the device will lose its characteristics needed to perform the task properly. About 25% of fabricated turning moment is passed onto the wrench, therefore it may be removed when the bolt is half-screwed. The wrench must be set in a proper position while countering.

Having finished tightening up/unscrewing bolts the counter wrench gets blocked. In order to take the wrench off the bolt or nut one ought to press the release lever so as to loosen the wrench and make its disassembly impossible. Next, the hexagon socket head bolt ought to be unscrew and the ring spanner adapter ought to be taken out.

The wrench will not turn in an unpredictable way during tightening the screw or nut in such solution, and after tightening does not have to undermine or tap the hammer. And thus, increases the safety of installation personnel and the environment, increases productivity and decreases the risk of damage to the equipment.

This product is only the housing of the cap ring spanner. Cap in the form of a ring spanner are available as separate products, and only with them forms an integral whole. The standard caps we have in the field from S32 do S115. Depending on your needs, we can make a cap in other sizes.

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