PARTNER-SHIP: metalworking, steel structures

Due to the wide range of material to be machined, and a large number of fragmentary knowledge in public sources on the grade of these materials, we decided to create a table brings together the essence of this knowledge.

Created table is divided into two columns:

  • numerical designation,
  • other markings.
PARTNER-SHIP: metalworking, steel structures

Marking the first column consists of one digit with decimal and four digits. The first two are distinguished by the number of group and the other a specific grade. Marking the second column are designations of used in different countries, depending on valid standards, such as ISO (International Standard Organisation), EN (European Norm), BS (British Standard), PN (Polska Norma), NS (Norsk Standard), AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute), DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung), JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards), UNS, STN, GOST and others.

Information on the types of materials do not constitute an offer, or do not come directly from reliable sources, and therefore, are not the basis for any claims. Knowledge of the types of materials contained on our website is only a collection of information from various websites and accumulated in a single table.

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