In the market economy competition is a universal phenomenon, but nowadays companies are increasingly in need of operation coordination and cooperation. This has always been our business philosophy: on the one hand, regular market competition, on the other hand, cooperation focused on mutual benefits. What differentiates us from our competitors is professional customer service and comprehensive services performance. We make every effort to meet customers’ expectations, because they are the ones generating turnover in our company. We consider customer's satisfaction as being the most important. Because the main sector of our customers is composed of ship owners and industrial companies, we adapted our offer to their needs. Therefore we've made a name for ourselves on the market by offering flexible deadlines for service completion. Bearing in mind the above advantages we are constantly striving to improve our service quality.

Work types, which we're able to do in cooperation with other entities:

WORKS INVOLVING METALWORKING: A number of services that exceed our technical capabilities, on account of highly developed cooperation abilities.

ELEMENT UPGRADING AND MAINTENANCE: Galvanic zinc plating or hot-dip galvanizing, chrome plating, chemical or thermal improvement, repainting.

RENOVATIONS OF SHIP DEVICES: Comprehensive renovations of the main engines and generators, centrifuges, pumps, air compressors, pipe and plate coolers, heaters, valves, electric motors and generators, anchor and mooring elevators, and much more.

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